This article is the beginning of the cycle description of cases that our company has solved as part of working on outsource. In this cycle, we will tell you what problems our customers faced and how we helped overcome them.

All the entered data is fictional (for visual demonstration of the functionality) and has no relation to reality

Main Information

Our specialists have developed a modern service designed for interaction between legal entities and self-employed people. This service allows you to quickly find a performer, get a high-quality job done, officially pay for works/services and at the end get a receipt.

The main problem of our client was a large number of self-employed performers, whom the client did not have time to process. He had to request checks for exactly the amount that the self-employed earned, while specifying the correct details of the customer. 

Our employee’s implemented a convenient service for the calculation and accounting of the self-employed in collaboration with the Federal Tax Service (FTS) of Russia as an intermediary platform. This service employs only freelancers who have officially confirmed the status of self-employed in the Federal Tax Service. The calculation is carried out due to the automated data exchange with banks by registers.

Implementation Details

Interaction and personal accounts

The process of interaction between legal entity and self-employed people occurs in 3 stages:

  1. Legal entity publish an order in which describe details: about budget, when to complete and so on.
  2. After that legal entity gets a response from self-employed people, talking with candidates and reviewing their portfolio.
  3. At the end, legal entity selects one of the self-employed and starts working with him.

During the project, 3 types of personal accounts were implemented:

  1. Personal account for the administration and management of the system
  2. Personal account for service customers
  3. Personal account for executors

Personal account for system administration

The personal account of the system administrator allows you to change user rights , collect statistics on the number of performers, the volume of services, as well as automatically generate documents for agency services.

Personal account for service customers

The personal account of service customers allows you to add employees of your company and appoint responsible persons, request invoices and form closing documents, form applications for searching for performers (tasks), select suitable performers and create personalised tasks.

The personal account of service customers also allows you to:

  • Confirm the completed amount of services to performers in case of individual tasks.
  • Automatically form contracts with performers and put a digital signature. This freeing you from the paper routine work.
  • Pay for completed contracts by executor, using registry which uploading to bank.
  • Check the performers for the presence of the self-employed status both when transferring the task, and immediately before paying for the completed works/services.
  • You as customer can pay tax for the work done and self-employed executer receive payment with a deduction of taxes.
  • Receive receipts with reliably filled in data and the exact amount received by the contractor.

Personal account for executors

This person account provide you big amount of useful information and contains a lot of functionality like:

  • Track your income and control limits
  • Monitor the taxes payment
  • Find new task and take them to work
  • Track your own performance statistics, and so on…

Summing up the results

The development of the self-employed exchange lasted 2 months and it took several months to coordinate the service with the tax service according to the established regulations. Our specialists developed a convenient service with a wide range of functionality that allows legal entities to quickly find officially working performers, massively calculate and receive the necessary documents.

Thanks for your attention, consideration, and time. Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.